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Anyone sell AVON?

There are tons of people who have been in this kind of business. I have heard of several that have the same type of platform but do vary in their approach, sales platform, rewards, etc. AVON has been around since, if you can believe it, 1886! Obviously what they have to offer, sell, and promote it totally worth it. It’s working!

There are other companies such as Amway, Arbonne, Mary Kay, etc. that are also great companies but have not been around as long. I have a few friends that sell AVON and have for a long time. They have made careers out of it and do extremely well.  Of course as with anything you do have to work and have a passion for what you do.  There is training, travel, and time that goes into building any business, and of course there are usually some kind of start up cost. But, if you have a passion for this type of product and want to work for yourself and make your own schedule, this may the business for you!

If it ain’t broke…well, you know the rest.  Check it out if you have a desire to be your own boss and help people in the process. You can sign up here or just Google AVON or you may even know someone who is already in the business. Make sure you ask questions and get a real feel for what is expected of you and what you expect out of the company. Definitely don’t go in blind and take your time to research.

Back again soon! Thanks!

Traffic Monsoon

I signed up for Traffic Monsoon to see exactly what it was. It is a traffic generating, revenue sharing company. It is totally free to participate. You click on links and earn from Cash Links. It is pennies but you can use the credits to put toward clicks to your own advertisement.

There is the option to buy an ad pack which puts you into the revenue sharing portion of the program. I have been paid every hour since I bought one. Still only pennies at the moment but I only have one ad pack. There are people with thousands of them. 🙂

The only thing you really have to do is click on ten links a day to stay active. Doesn’t sound like much right? I just put a little reminder on my phone and I can even surf from my phone.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get eyes on your prize then Traffic Monsoon is a good way to go. Again, it’s optional to join the revenue sharing portion of it. Once you use the service for a while you might want to jump into that too.

As always, if you have used this service please comment and if you have any questions, please ask!



Traffic Fusion Update 3

So I figured out how to cloak/mask my links in Traffic Fusion and it actually seems to be working well! I have received some sign ups and some sales using it. I will keep using for the next 30 days and then report back what I have received as far as clicks and sales.

Just wanted to give you an update.

Please let me know if you have any experience with this software as well and what your outcome was. I welcome the discussion! 🙂



Organic Prospects

If you’ve been to my site you might have seen a banner for Organic Prospects. I mentioned this in an earlier post but I wanted to elaborate. I have mailed twice now and get great results.

What the program is, is that you get 70 fresh prospects that have gone through their process and been filtered to be between 75% and 100% interested in your online business opportunity. What I like about this is that you get 70 fresh leads every 24 hours and they build upon each other. My second mailing was to 140 prospects and it just adds 70 new leads every day.

This means in just 30 days I will have 21,000 prospects! Craziness!

Also, you can download them and put them in your own autoresponder or you can use the built in mailer to email them. I actually plan to do both. 🙂

This helps in the fact that I don’t have to go get my own leads, they are given to me every day. Also, they have opted in to receive these emails and have a high percentage of conversion.

I haven’t been able to find another service that provides this for such a decent price and just keeps growing my leads list everyday with no extra work on my part.

Check it out HERE and see for yourself. I would love some feedback on this.



Facebook Groups

So I have joined some groups on Facebook to try and get my message out there. I joined the Internet Marketing groups. I have noticed that people are still promoting the “email processing jobs”, the matrix type programs, the “send $5 and then you’ll get floods of $5 bills” and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t believe is still out there.

Please, please, please stay away from these things. They are the programs that make the rest of us who are legitimately trying to maintain an internet marketing business look bad. There are lots of programs that are legit and work and will make you money. You just have to find out which ones are the ones that have good training, good support and a good product.

What I am trying to emphasize is there are a ton of people out there that will take your money from you in a heartbeat and never look back. You could be out a lot of money and have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Now granted most of the legit businesses are based on referring. Now I know some people might think this is a four letter word but it is the truth. Whether you’re selling a product or selling a service, referrals are going to grow and sustain your business. There’s really no way around it.

These other programs that claim you can make $500 a week with just sending out postcards are total crap. Most people won’t fall for it and if someone does shouldn’t you feel bad about taking advantage? Just sayin’.

What I seem to be interested in is not necessarily selling a “product” per se but a service like traffic generation. I think this is what I plan to concentrate on. Every business needs traffic. Even a brick and mortar business needs traffic.  So I think if I can find services/products that can help the marketer, whether it’s online or offline, then I think I am participating in the growth of all.

My point in this post is just to steer you away from these “jobs” that are running rampant in the Facebook Groups. I’m not saying that all of the offers and businesses in the groups on Facebook are scams, there are quite a few that are completely legit. Just keep your eyes open and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 🙂



Traffic Fusion Update 2

I went back through the website and I’m still not happy. It seems that all of your links need to be cloaked. Well, my hosting/domain company doesn’t have that option. So now I have to move my domain over to a different registrar in order to cloak my links.

I have been getting some traffic from the postings but not enough to brag about.

I did sign up for Organic Prospects today. This company gives you 70 filtered, targeted to business opportunities, opted in leads every 24 hours.  Each lead had a genuine interest of at least 75% in internet marketing/business opportunities.

I sent my first email (which you can do right from the dashboard) tonight, so I will check back in the morning to see what is happening. I will put those results in a different post. 🙂

Has anyone used this before?



Traffic Fusion Update

I let the campaign run overnight but this morning I received an email from Google+ (remember this is the only one I used) and they tell me they suspect I am in violation of their terms and conditions.

Now this is what I can’t stand. I followed EXACTLY the instructions that were in the video and started my campaign. Now Google+ is telling me that I might be in violation?? How is it possible for anyone to follow the instructions on the video, do exactly as they say and now I might get banned.

I read through all of their terms and conditions and just like everyone else you cant s-p-a-m people. Well of course not! But that was not discussed in the video, nor was it warned, nor was it mentioned that you might want to mask your link, etc.

Granted I did not go for the upsells and maybe that’s why I didn’t get this information, but that shouldn’t be what the upsells are for. Right? Are you with me?

I will give it the benefit of the doubt and go back through their members area with a fine tooth comb and see what I can come up with.

Just thought I would give you an update.



This might be something.

Today I signed up for Traffic Fusion. It is a “sharing” type software where you use Google Plus, LinkedIn and Tumblr and the groups involved in these programs. I am always on the lookout for products, whether it be training, software, application, etc. that will help me and other internet marketers, especially newbies, get their businesses started.

No matter what any ad tells you there is no magic product or service out there that is going to make you money beginning in the “next 15 minutes”. It just doesn’t happen that way. This is something most people who start a project like this sometimes misunderstand or take for granted that they aren’t telling you the whole process on the sales page.

I understand why they do that but for people like me, who doesn’t have a bunch of money laying around, it can be deceiving and very disappointing when it doesn’t work out.

So my point of this is that I got this software, Traffic Fusion, and I set up a campaign and I used a Bitly link so I could track to see what kind of traffic I was really getting. Well this is no joke. I clicked Start on the campaign and immediately went over to Bitly and I refreshed the site and I had 4 clicks already. Wait…what???  It was crazy. I could see it was coming from Google Plus as that is the only one I used. I don’t have a LinkedIn account and I just started with Tumblr so I didn’t set those up for the campaign.

Regardless, four clicks in about 3 seconds was amazing. I also got one sign up for the link I was promoting.

So, this might be something to check out but if you would like to wait I will post updates as this campaign runs for just one day and I will let you know how it’s going and show you some screen shots.

Has anyone else used this software that might be able to give a review?



Sunday Funday!

This is the last day before my boys start school! Yay!! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly but it is time to go!

Today we are going to hang with some friends, eat well and be happy. You should do this as well. Give yourself a break from whatever it is you are doing. Time goes by so fast and if you don’t stop and realize it sometimes you will miss wonderful things. The internet, your customers, money you are going after, articles that need to be written, blogs to be updated, etc. will be still be there.

You can start up again tomorrow as the week begins, but take some time, be with your friends and family and make your own Sunday Funday!!



Got $7? Get Unlimited Leads

I signed up for this system. It is called Lead Lightening. It was a recommendation from one of my internet marketing friends who I totally trust. It is great for beginners.

One of the hardest things to do in online marketing is getting leads. I’m talking real leads from real people. Not the ones that sign up because they are paid to do so or ones that are in the points type programs, etc. I’m talking people who are truly interested in what you have to offer, whether it be a blog, a product, a service, what have you.

All businesses, online and offline, need leads. This is one of these programs that will show you how to get leads whether you have a business online or a brick and mortar business. Everyone needs leads.

What I like about this the most is that IT IS ONLY $7 one time! It’s NOT a monthly fee. It is hard to find that kind of training for such a low price and it not be a monthly fee.

You get excellent training, a set up marketing system for whatever it is you want to promote. Seriously, $7.  Now of course there are up-sells, which I elected not to do, but it is totally up to you if you decide to. I can’t tell you from experience about those because I’m not participating, but it gives you a chance to earn residual income for yourself.

So check it out if you would like. I mean $7 can be a trip to a fast food restaurant. Maybe this will save a few calories. 🙂