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IncomeJack! Have you tried this? Free Money!

If you have been to the blog you might have seen the page dedicated to IncomeJack. I started this a couple weeks ago and I already have about 200 signups. Now granted not all have finished the steps but that’s okay. I can be patient. 🙂  I have contacted my signups to see if I could help them in any way and hopefully that will jump start the process.

It’s a FREE program and it is not difficult at all to get through the steps. I’ll tell you a secret. Shhhh. If you try this program out and you just finish Step 1 of the four steps, I will send you $20 through PayPal. There are some trial offers that you have to sign up for to complete Step 1, so I will reimburse you (or put you in profit depending on the offers you do) just for completing Step 1. It’s like getting free money!

If you want to check it out Click Here and sign up. There is no credit card needed for IncomeJack and I will send you $20 for finishing Step 1. What do you have to lose?

When you have completed step one, email me here: hh@honesthousewife.com, send me your PayPal address and as soon as everything is legit, I will send you the cash.

If you have questions that you don’t want to put in the Comments, contact me here.

If you do get into it and you have any questions, PLEASE let me know and I will help as much as I can. I won’t leave you behind.



If that isn’t honest, I don’t know what is. ;)

Check out @0kbps’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/0kbps/status/632758087099662336?s=09

Do you own a blog or website?

This is my umpteenth blog over the years and one thing that I do know works as far as some additional income is using monetization methods. There are several out there like Google Adsense, lots of PPC companies, PPV companies, etc.

One of the ones that I like best is Bidvertiser. They have small, unobtrusive ads to choose from and the pay is pretty good.  As you can see I have a button on my site. It’s small, has a clear message and it is really easy to sign up.

I’m not saying you’re going to get rich off of this type of monetization but every little bit helps right? I use what I make to get a pedicure or manicure or both, depending on the activity I have for the month.

Just something to try. 🙂 Do you have a favorite company of this type? Please share in the comments!




It’s late in Texas

And I can’t sleep. I am racking my brain to figure out how to get more people to my site.

I hate all the hype that’s out there about “push button traffic”. I know it’s not that easy but there has to be some good help. Anyone?



Why is traffic such an issue?

The more and more I look into how to get traffic to my website/blog/etc. it seems everyone is having the same problem. I don’t know about you but i don’t have a billion dollar budget to spend on advertising. There are ways to do it for free. There’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. Those methods though can take a really long time to see any results.

Has anyone found a traffic source that is either free or minimal cost, gets results and it legal?

I know another issue seems to be that the wrong traffic, which by that I mean from countries that either can’t participate in what you’re doing, can’t understand English, etc., get sent to your site when you purchase traffic. I don’t know if purchase traffic even works. I mean the person they are sending must be getting some sort of incentive to go to your site right?  Are they just looking for information on your product?

How does a paid traffic source know that the people they are sending you are legit?



Let me be honest…

Yes. One of the major things online marketers do is monetize their sites, blogs, etc. In any of my posts if you see blue words those are things you can click on to take you to other sites. Yes I make a little when you do but in no way will I ask, push, beg or plead for you to click them. That is totally under your control.

But…a girls’ gotta pay for the boys baseball somehow. 😉

Seriously let me know if it bothers you all and I will take them out.



Why is there so much junk??

Have you been on a search for something lately? It doesn’t really matter what it is, whenever you search there is a lot of junk out there.

My searches recently have been to find ways to work from home. I don’t mean envelope stuffing, clicking to get pennies, reselling all the stuff on Clickbank, etc. I mean something that is legitimate and not too difficult to do. I don’t mind working at it but DON’T LIE TO ME. There are thousands of sales pages out there that try to tell you that you can earn thousands of dollars a day by doing nothing. Did your parents ever tell you that if it’s too good to be true it probably is? Well…it is.

I don’t want to discourage people about making money on the internet but you have to be VERY careful and DO YOUR RESEARCH.

I have been doing this for awhile. I am not rich and I don’t think I am going to be but I have been able to earn money online with work.

I used to get sucked in with all the hype ads and such but I have been burned by them so much that I know crap when I see it.  There are a couple of programs that do work that you can earn with but it takes work and most of all PATIENCE.

Nothing out there is going to make you a millionaire overnight or even make money overnight. You can start the process overnight but…

If we can work together maybe we can share the not-junk things that work for people out there. If you have something that legitimately works and you would like to share, please feel free.