Do you shop online? Use Ebates!

Ebates has been around for a long time. I use it every time i shop online. I am a total Amazon user, and sometimes Amazon isn’t on there but sometimes it is, so I do get lucky every now and then.

If you haven’t used Ebates I highly recommend it. All of the major stores and online retailers are there and you get money back when you shop through their site. All you have to do is start at Ebates, click on the store you want to shop from, it takes you to that store’s website and  you shop like normal. A percentage of what you spend will come back to you through Ebates!

It does take about a month for your payment to come through (I use PayPal) but definitely does come through. Over this last Christmas I used it to shop for all my Christmas presents (I don’t dare go out shopping. 🙂 ) and I earned over $100 back from Ebates! It was a nice little deposit a month after Christmas. Of course we can all use that right?

It really is a no-brainer if you shop online. You are going to spend the money anyway so why not get some of it back? They even have some that you can do in-store and they regularly run Double Cash Back and increase their percentage to you from time to time.

It really is a great money saver and getting a check a month later is always good. It like free money!!

If you haven’t signed up, do so here and get a bonus of $10 to use toward your first purchase. Again, free money!

If you have any comments about Ebates please feel free to leave them and let us know your experience. Have a great one!

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