So here’s something that shocked me.


So I’ve been looking for new ways to get my message out there to the masses. If you’ve been in Internet Marketing for even a little bit of time, you know that it can be time consuming, expensive and even a little boring getting people to your site, store, offer, etc. Granted I took some time off and I am getting back into the game again, but I’ve never really stopped looking at ways to drive traffic to my site.

I was searching over the last couple of days and I came across a site about safe lists.  I know, I know most people think they are a complete waste of time but what I realized is they really aren’t!  I searched online to find info about safe lists like the best ones to use and which got the best results, etc.  What I realized was that there are some safe lists that have been around for more than 15+ years! Now to me that really says something.  Someone, somewhere is getting results!

Well there are several sites that claim they have the best list of safe lists and some lists of safe lists (say that three times fast :)) really are outdated, but while looking for the best safe lists I came across a site that is brand new and had some really interesting ideas.

Usually joining and using safe lists are time consuming because most of them are on a credit based platform. This is where you click links to look at other member’s ads to get credits to be able to send your ad out to all other members. Now really, who wants to do that all day?

I started reading about this software that automates the entire process.  I was skeptical at first, of course, but then I watched the video and it made SO MUCH SENSE!

What this software does is goes through your email, looks for certain keywords, links, phrases in the safe list emails that are sent to you, opens the link, waits the required amount of time and collects the credits for you. Crazy right?

I bought the software called Fast Traffic Bot. Yes, it was about $50 with coupon (TIMESAVE), which took $20 off the price, but just after a few days of running it, it has already paid for itself. I am totally serious about this. It has been running 24/7 on my computer and it has already opened, viewed, and collected credits on over 1600 emails. I only joined 8 safe lists (for free, no upgrades) and I have earned thousands of credits towards each safe list to send my own ad out. All this for free from the safe lists. What??? Nuts!

I got to send one ad out today to over 80,000 contact and list email addresses from one safe list. I already had 200 clicks on my link in 15 minutes. That’s 200 people looking at this site in 15 minutes. I don’t know where else you can get that for free. Do you? If you do, please tell me.  I haven’t had that kind of success except in solo ads, and even then I had to pay over $35 for each ad. This I did for free! Plus the software runs 24 hours a day and just keeps getting me more credits.

Sure there is a $50 investment up front, but there there are absolutely no more costs after that. You can upgrade in some of these safe lists, but I didn’t. I spent $50 and that’s it!

So, if you want to add something to your toolbox, or just want to maybe test an ad or offer or even just drive traffic to your website for Google purposes, you cannot beat Fast Traffic Bot.

In conclusion, go over to this link, listen to the video and judge for yourself, but I could not be happier with the results I have received so far.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions. I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.  If you decide to dive in, come back and let me know how it’s going. I would love to hear about your experience. 🙂

P.S. Yes, if you click the links in this post and purchase, I do get a commission. It helps to keep this site going. But always know I would not recommend something that I haven’t used myself and think is a great tool.

Have a great weekend!

Honest Housewife

Do you shop online? Use Ebates!

Ebates has been around for a long time. I use it every time i shop online. I am a total Amazon user, and sometimes Amazon isn’t on there but sometimes it is, so I do get lucky every now and then.

If you haven’t used Ebates I highly recommend it. All of the major stores and online retailers are there and you get money back when you shop through their site. All you have to do is start at Ebates, click on the store you want to shop from, it takes you to that store’s website and  you shop like normal. A percentage of what you spend will come back to you through Ebates!

It does take about a month for your payment to come through (I use PayPal) but definitely does come through. Over this last Christmas I used it to shop for all my Christmas presents (I don’t dare go out shopping. 🙂 ) and I earned over $100 back from Ebates! It was a nice little deposit a month after Christmas. Of course we can all use that right?

It really is a no-brainer if you shop online. You are going to spend the money anyway so why not get some of it back? They even have some that you can do in-store and they regularly run Double Cash Back and increase their percentage to you from time to time.

It really is a great money saver and getting a check a month later is always good. It like free money!!

If you haven’t signed up, do so here and get a bonus of $10 to use toward your first purchase. Again, free money!

If you have any comments about Ebates please feel free to leave them and let us know your experience. Have a great one!

Anyone sell AVON?

There are tons of people who have been in this kind of business. I have heard of several that have the same type of platform but do vary in their approach, sales platform, rewards, etc. AVON has been around since, if you can believe it, 1886! Obviously what they have to offer, sell, and promote it totally worth it. It’s working!

There are other companies such as Amway, Arbonne, Mary Kay, etc. that are also great companies but have not been around as long. I have a few friends that sell AVON and have for a long time. They have made careers out of it and do extremely well.  Of course as with anything you do have to work and have a passion for what you do.  There is training, travel, and time that goes into building any business, and of course there are usually some kind of start up cost. But, if you have a passion for this type of product and want to work for yourself and make your own schedule, this may the business for you!

If it ain’t broke…well, you know the rest.  Check it out if you have a desire to be your own boss and help people in the process. You can sign up here or just Google AVON or you may even know someone who is already in the business. Make sure you ask questions and get a real feel for what is expected of you and what you expect out of the company. Definitely don’t go in blind and take your time to research.

Back again soon! Thanks!

Targeted Traffic Is Good Traffic And Profitable Traffic

Honest Housewife here!

If you want good traffic to your website then you really need to target your audience. There is no point having hundreds of visitors to your website every day if they are visitors that have no interest in your site or product at all. Having 10 targeted visitors it better than 100 non-targeted visitors. Non-targeted visitors are not going to buy the products you are promoting. There is a big difference between getting traffic to your site and getting buying traffic to your site.

To get targeted traffic to your website you need an understanding of the demographics and the market that you want to reach. This will take some time and research but it is worth it. You are in the business to make money and taking the time to do your research now will actually save you time in the long term.

When you advertise, always place your advertising on other websites that are specific to the audience you are targeting. Be really selective with the placements of your ads so that you are paying for advertising that is only being shown to people that are interested in your niche. Although being selective with your ad placement will most likely reduce the traffic coming to your site, you will find that your sales will increase.

Be very careful with how you word your advertising. Simple changes to the words or phrases in your ad can make a big difference to the type of traffic you get. Use content that will target those who are interested in your product but will be of no interest to those people who are ‘non-buyers’. Give details of the product so that you are telling your customers exactly what you are offering.

You want to place your advertisements on sites that are content based and have content that is relevant to your niche. People viewing the site are people that will be interested in your product so will click on your ad when they see it. Remember to be specific with the ad content details.

When you are advertising try using different forms of the keywords and phrases and different people will search for the same information by using different words. By targeting an expanded range of keywords and phrases you are gaining rankings for multiple terms which will increase your traffic.

When created your ad try to think like your customer. Ask yourself what would make you click on that ad and then buy your product. When you start thinking like a customer’s you really increase your targeted audience and your sales. If it means that you need to change your advertising approach completely then do it, you need to do whatever it takes to increase your sales.

Don’t use the same old advertising techniques that people have always used. Don’t get stuck in a rut with your advertising. Try something different and tweak your ads until you are getting the results you are looking for.

Let me know your results!



This is going to be short and sweet!

This is going to be short and sweet because it really is a no brainer.

Are you having trouble getting signups for your business, product, website? Now you don’t have to worry about that anymore!

We are a team with one mission and one link.

You don’t want to let this pass you by. You want to get in now so when launch comes you are positioned at the top!


Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 17_15_57

Solo Ads

Hey there!
I wanted to speak to you about another way to get traffic and possibly sign ups and sales to your program. It’s by using solo ads.

Now there are solo ad companies out there that claim they are sending to millions of “active users”. Please don’t fall for this junk. Of anyone has that many users on their list, they don’t need to be selling solos so they can send to them. It would be much more likely that they were sending their own emails to them so they could make money.
Anyway, along my research for Honest Housewife I came across UDIMI. It’s is a solo ad company  but the solos are done personally by different vendors. It isn’t one company sending a million emails.
I have had great success with UDIMI. On two solos that I sent, cost about $80 total, I received over 75 sign ups and 14 sales to my program. They paid for themselves and also put me in profit.
Now of course I can’t and they can’t guarantee anything for your program or your outcome, but it might be worth a try if you are having some trouble getting active people to your program.

Click Here!

Click the link and check out the different vendors. Make sure you look for ones with good reviews and a lot of solos sent. This way you will ensure you are getting someone who knows what they are talking about. If you would like the ones that I personally use, please email me and I will be happy to give you their information.

Have a great day!

Go check out UDIMI now!

Easy Link Building Strategies For Increasing SE Ranking

Honest Housewife here!

To have a good ranking in the search engines you need to build lots of backlinks to your website. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can build links.

1. If you have links already existing on other websites you may want to contact them and ask if they could change the link slightly. A link with an anchor text containing relevant keywords is much better than a link that just says ‘click here’.

2. Always monitor your sites 404 statistics and keep track of any links that are old or even misspelled and going to the wrong URL. A backlink is no good if it isn’t pointing to the write link.

3. On your website have a “link to us” link. Include the information you would like used for your link such as anchor text and URL. You can even offer to do a link exchange and have a contact box so website owners can leave their details.

4. Check for any errors using a spell and grammar checker. Users will notice any errors that you have in your links, content and pages.

5. Always keep an eye out for other sites that mention your website or even use some of your website content. If they include a link back to your site that is fine but if they don’t then contact them and ask them to include a link to your site.

6. Post comments on other blogs that relate to your niche and put your link either in the box provided or within your comment. Always post good comments that are relevant to the blog post.

7. Always use tags, particularly header tags, on your website that include your relevant keywords. Anchor text and image text also increases search engine rankings.

8. Use a sitemap on your website that links all the pages to the sitemap page. If your site is created using WordPress there are plugins that can create a sitemap for you. This makes it easier for the search engines to spider your website.

9. Link your site to other websites that have content that is relevant to your site. Always link to the important pages within the site.

10. Link to websites that have high search engine rankings as these can help drive traffic back to your site.

11. Study your competitors and see what sites they are using to get backlinks and add your website links to the same sites.

12. If you have good feedback from your clients then add those comments to your site. This will add trust and interest of future clients.

13. Create an ebook about your niche and offer it as a free gift for people to sign up to your newsletter or mailing list.

14. If you consider yourself an expert in your field then teach on online seminar about your topic. Post announcements of the seminar on your website and other sites around the internet.

15. Use Google Adwords to help build up your customer base.

16. Find an affiliate product that relates to your niche and add links to it to your website.

17. Choose a charity and add a ‘donate to charity’ link to your site. Have a description of the charity and how you will donate the proceeds that you receive.

18. Submit your website URL to social media sites that have quality products and services offered on their sites.

Use of the above strategies will increase your traffic and also increase your profits. A successful, profitable website takes work but if you are willing to put in that effort then your website will soon be one of the best.

Have a great day!


Advertising Business – Internet Marketing

Honest Housewife here!

Whether your business is a strictly online business or an offline business, you need to be using advertising business internet marketing strategies. If you aren’t using the power and enormous potential of the internet to gain attention for your business, why not? After all, your competitors sure are.

Of course, if your business is an online storefront or affiliate marketing business you no doubt already understand how important marketing is to your success. If you aren’t getting the website visitors you need, you can’t make any money and if you don’t make any money, you don’t have a business.

The internet changes quickly. A few years ago no one even knew what Twitter was. Today many savvy business owners, both online and off, have come to rely on the tweet as a way to build rapport with their customers as well as add new customers.

Finding the best methods for advertising business internet marketing is another issue all together. There are many ways you can market your business using the internet, and as I said above, new ones come around all the time. To really get the most out of your advertising you will want to create a campaign that encompasses several methods.

To do this, you can either do it yourself or hire a company that specializes in online marketing. Don’t worry if your business is small and you’re just starting out. You can do it yourself if you need to, once you get some money coming in you can then continue to do it yourself and keep more of the money you make, or hire a company to do it for you, the choice is yours.

But with so many choices for online marketing such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), article marketing, banner ads, Pay Per Click (PPC), classified ads, to name just a few, having someone else coordinate it all can free you up to do those things that only you can do, like take your kids to the park!

The really neat thing about many of these online marketing techniques is that many of them are completely free to do. They only require some of your time and for many people who are just getting started, that’s all they can afford.

For those of you who don’t have much money and have to rely solely on sweat equity, your best bet is to focus on one of the methods to start, preferably a free method like SEO or article marketing. Take the time to perfect that method than move on to another.

That is the best way to start generating traffic so you can start making a little money. As your business grows and you are making more money you can hire others to help you out and /or you can move on to other ways of getting traffic that cost money such as PPC and banner ads.

The sooner you implement a sound strategy to
advertising business internet marketing the sooner you can start making more sales and growing your business. Time’s a wasting!

Enjoy your day!


Content Site Linking Strategies For High SE Ranking

Hey! Honest Housewife here.

To help your site to rank well in the search engines you will need to do some linking which works really well if you know what you are doing. However, if you don’t know how to create links properly then you could just create a big mess

When you create links you want to do so in moderation. Some people will buy linking services that will create thousands of links very fast, but this is not always the best approach. As with many things in life, taking it slow is often the best choice.

To have a successful website you want to focus on quality content rather than quantity. So if your website is chock-a-block full of bad quality content and links that aren’t producing then feel free to remove all that wasted space and focus completely on good content.

When you have your website complete with good quality content across several pages then you can add links to the different pages. Each page should be focusing on a keyword phrase and you should try to rank each individual page for its main keyword phrase. When you link from one page on your site to another you are encouraging your visitors to browse through numerous pages on your website rather than look at the main page and leave.

Deep linking is all about using the right link to a specific page on the website. You need to use relevant pages of content to link to your other pages and these links can come from within your own site or from other sites. Have your inner pages on your site linking to your main home page.

If you advertise for link exchanges, tell other website owners that you are limiting the number of links you take so you can keep open some spots for future sources, this will entice other website owners to want to exchange links with you before you reach your limit.

Because you are limiting the number of links this is also enticing to website owners as it is more beneficial for them to be among a limited number of links coming from a site. Because there are less links there is less competition among links on your website and this is a big benefit for website owners. It also lets website owners know that you are a responsible and professional link building and one that would be good to do business with.

This method will also increase your link popularity and you will soon be receiving more traffic to the numerous pages on your website. You will have more leverage when asking other website owners to exchange links and when you have high amounts of traffic and link popularity you may even be able to start charging website owners to place links on your site.

By increasing the value of your links this means that those who exchange links with you are also good, high quality websites which is always good for your own business.

By including links to other sites on your site you are sending traffic to those sites. Not everyone likes to do this but the fact is that although you are sending some traffic to other sites you are receiving so much more traffic that it doesn’t really matter. You are building strong links to and from your site and this is going to help your ranking within the search engines and that is always a good thing.

Have a great day!


6 Ways How You Can Use PLR Articles To Drive Traffic To Your Website And Boost Your Internet Marketing Business

Private Label Rights (PLR) content is very popular on the internet today. PLR content is written by a ghostwriter and sold to other people to use as they wish.

PLR e-books, reports or articles are special type of license which you purchase where you are lawfully allowed to edit and publish the article as your own. Because you have the right to edit the article as you wish, it means that you can use it as web content on your site or add your links to your website and distribute it.

Below are some key ways you can use PLR content to drive traffic to your website and boost on internet marketing profits.

  • Boost your article writing and submitting using some PLR content. All you need to do is to simply edit the PLR articles and customize them to make them your own. Using PLR articles saves you a lot of time in writing your articles. By using a PLR article, you can improve it and end up with a powerful article that will drive traffic to your website.
  • Increase your sales by developing your reputation as an expert in your niche. PLR articles make it so much easier for you to quickly build your reputation as an expert. Pass on some of the PLR content to your customers and build their trust. You can then make some one-time-offers or recommend some of your affiliate programs to them, thereby generating some sales.
  • Improve your search engine rankings by submitting your customized articles. By submitting articles with your resource box and URL, you basically create one way links to your website, which helps with search engines.
  • Create and market information products using your PLR content. Edit and customize PLR articles and compile them into an e-book or special report. It takes time to write an e-book, and it can also be costly if you were to hire a ghostwriter. You can therefore use PLR articles or e-books and add more value to them to create hot-selling e-books. You can sell these reports or give them for free on your website. When you give these articles for free, you can include your website URL in them. This in turn will drive traffic to your website.
  • Use PLR content to provide an e-course or offer a newsletter. Building a list is very important in internet marketing, and you can use PLR content to offer an e-course on your web site. You can send regular emails to your list with a link to your website, and this increases the number of people who visit your website. Keep your list interested by regularly supplying them with useful content. As you know, your list is an important aspect of your business. You can send these PLR articles to your list in your niche on a regular basis. This will make them visit your site on a regular basis.
  • Create your own article directory in your niche using PLR content to improve the search engine optimization of your website. You can also add affiliate links or Google AdSense on your article directory, thereby increasing your website traffic and profits.

PLR content can be used to drive traffic to your website and boost your internet business’ profits.

There are several sites out there that offer PLR products. Take a look and see what you can find.