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Scam Watch

Okay. I am soooo tired of seeing Email Processing System postings, get paid to do nothing, etc. I also am tired of seeing people with a bunch of cash laid out all over their computer, their floor, their bed, their lap, etc. People please do not fall for this. Anyone can go to the bank, cash their paycheck, spread it out and take a picture.

Seriously it really angers me when I see how many scams there are out there. Paid Social Network Jobs is another one I have started to block from my news feed. Do you really think that a company is going to pay you $125 to answer a one question survey? If it was that easy, EVERYBODY would be doing it! It just makes me so mad that there are so many people taking advantage of others that just aren’t as internet savvy as others or people who are really in desperate need of money.

I look on my Facebook Groups every day, sometimes several times a day, and most of what I see are these people saying give me $1 and you will make $1 million. Come on!  And also there are so many people falling for it. That is what is so crazy to me.

My dad is a retired FBI agent and he taught all of us (I have three brothers) that there are people out there that will want to take advantage of you and people that just aren’t trustworthy. I have followed this advice my entire life and it makes me sad to see people being taken advantage of.

There are no links in this post as I just wanted to warn you to BE CAREFUL! Always Google whatever program you are thinking of joining to find out if there are any reviews, comments, sites, etc. that are telling you the ins and outs of it. Of course there will be sites that will give a favorable review because they are trying to earn a commission. There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, hell I do it myself, but there is something wrong when someone hasn’t even used the program and is trying to get you to purchase a complete waste of time.

In conclusion, please, please do your research, don’t believe everything you see or read on the internet and always know if it’s too good to be true, IT IS! 🙂