Why is traffic such an issue?

The more and more I look into how to get traffic to my website/blog/etc. it seems everyone is having the same problem. I don’t know about you but i don’t have a billion dollar budget to spend on advertising. There are ways to do it for free. There’s Facebook, Twitter, etc. Those methods though can take a really long time to see any results.

Has anyone found a traffic source that is either free or minimal cost, gets results and it legal?

I know another issue seems to be that the wrong traffic, which by that I mean from countries that either can’t participate in what you’re doing, can’t understand English, etc., get sent to your site when you purchase traffic. I don’t know if purchase traffic even works. I mean the person they are sending must be getting some sort of incentive to go to your site right?  Are they just looking for information on your product?

How does a paid traffic source know that the people they are sending you are legit?



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